Honma Tour World TW737 Fairway 3 WoodHonma Tour World TW737 Fairway 3 Wood

Honma Tour World TW737 Fairway 3 Wood

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Quality Used Second Hand Golf Club

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Description:   Honma Tour World TW737 Fairway 3 Wood   

Condition:      8/10

Dexterity:       Right-Handed

Loft:                15°

Shaft Type:    Vizard EX-A65

Shaft Flex:     Stiff

Head cover:   Yes

Tool/Wrench:  No

Grip Type:     Honma

Club Length:  Standard

Individual Ratings:   Face-8/10      Sole –8/10         Top- 9/10         Grip- 7.5/10

Additional Information:  

Introducing the all new Honma TW737 Series Golf Clubs! – The new 737 may have similar aesthetics to the previous series but every club is an entirely new design from the ground up utilizing lots of new features and technology which Honma is confident will take the new Tour World 737 series to new heights.

TW737 FW & FWc – One thing you will notice with the new TW737 series is they now include a slightly oversized standard version and a compact “C” model.   the difference between the two is in size and shape which creates slightly different performance characteristics.  The standard promotes a higher launch and straighter shot,  the C is all about workability with a slightly lower trajectory.  Both are made using a steel forged cup face with stainless steel body. 

Honma Tour World TW737 Fairway Wood – For golfers who want to distinguish the FW properly by a tournament type

Highlight of the model

– Large head, distance-oriented, high-launch and low spin performance, but it is also essential to hit the ball with ease.

– It has both the operability and the flying distance performance of the ball depending on the situation.

– 2 types of FW can show performance without feeling uncomfortable in any setting.

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