Honma Tour World TW757 D DriverHonma Tour World TW757 D Driver

Honma Tour World TW757 D Driver – new

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Quality New Golf Club

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Description:   Honma Tour World TW757 D Driver – new   

Condition:      10/10

Dexterity:       Right-Handed

Loft:                9°

Shaft Type:    Vizard MA 5

Shaft Flex:     Stiff

Head Cover:  Only Included, if pictured with club

Tool/Wrench:  No

Grip Type:     Honma

Club Length:  Standard

Individual Ratings:   Face-10/10      Sole –10/10         Top- 10/10         Grip- 10/10

Additional Information:  Brand new, still in the plastic

Introducing Honma Tour World TW757 Type-D Driver. Pursuing functions to satisfy both tour pros and averages. A premium performance brand that realizes HONMA’s unique head and shaft integrated design.

The peculiar repulsive force of the Carbon Slot creates a high initial velocity and flight distance.

By covering the sole slit with carbon, high strength is achieved even though it is thin. Furthermore, by shortening the length of the slit, the repulsive force is further accelerated. Succeeded in achieving an unprecedented high initial velocity in HONMA history.

World’s first carbon slot installed

The thickness of the sole slit is designed to be as thin as possible in order to increase the repulsive force due to the bending back. Covering this slit with carbon ensures strength and produces maximum repulsion. Furthermore, by shortening the length of the slit, the bending back is further accelerated. This achieves an unprecedented high initial velocity.

Adjustable weight

Weights placed closer to the toe and closer to the heel can be swapped. By optimizing according to the swing type and the desired trajectory, the power hidden in the golfer is drawn out and the performance is maximized. Toe 3g & Heel 9g (standard equipment): Improved grip and high trajectory. Toe 9g & Heel 3g: Achieves a strong trajectory that does not go to the left

New Vertical Slit Face

The most efficient vertical groove-shaped uneven thickness face that is particularly effective for vertical shake of the hitting point. Since high repulsive force is realized over a wide range of the face, the initial velocity does not drop even if the hitting point is blurred.

Carbon crown

A carbon composite structure that uses cross carbon to improve the resilience performance of the head due to the deflection of the crown. This creates excess weight and realizes the lowest center of gravity design.

Crown rib

Ribs are placed to ensure rigidity around the face and efficiently connect the bending energy of carbon to the initial velocity. In particular, it suppresses the deflection of the center part and creates instantaneous stress.

Keel design

By arranging the weight on the backside on the outside of the sole surface, a low center of gravity is achieved while having a deep center of gravity.

P-SAT precision spine management

The spine is set to 6 o’clock in all clubs. It stabilizes the behavior of the shaft and enhances the completeness of the entire set as well as the club alone.


With the included torque wrench, the lie angle, loft angle, and face angle can be adjusted without attaching or detaching or rotating the shaft. HONMA’s unique epoch-making angle adjustment function.

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